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We know Sexual Health Includes Pleasure.

A nonprofit organization dedicated to providing culturally inclusive, medically accurate, and pleasure guided sexuality education, therapy, and professional training to adults.

We provide the sex education you deserve.

About SHIP

SHIP takes a multidimensional, social justice oriented approach to sexual health.

Relationship + Sexual Skill Building Education
Our fun and interactive workshops give you the knowledge and skills to challenge common sex myths, unlearn sexual shame, and set sail on your journey to sexual wellbeing.

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Individual + Relationship Therapy
Take a deep dive into your sexual and relationship concerns with our team of licensed therapists to develop practical strategies and coping skills to improve your relationships, enhance your pleasure, and reclaim your sexuality.

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Professional Training
Launch your career to new heights through our professional in-service training, designed to increase comfort, knowledge, and skills discussing sexual health for professionals in the fields of healthcare, counseling, and education.

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SHIP will never stop creating spaces that provide opportunities to engage in candid, shame-free conversations about sexuality and we are committed to building a more sexually literate society so that more of these spaces can exist. You have the power to make our vision a reality by helping prepare, develop, and support the next generation of sexuality professionals!
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Virgin Territory

Virgin Territory is a podcast that asks all the questions you are dying to know! From dating, sexual education and wellness, to kink, polyamory and everything in between! Each episode brings you new guests and new topics. Listen and subscribe today.
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In-Person & Virtual

Workshops & Events

Community education workshops, events, and more from SHIP.
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